Saturday November 11th - Cuisle Beatha 2017

Morning Session:

Session 1: Quality of Life (QoL) care in Dementia: Economics, Ethical End-of-Life (EoL) decisions and Empowerment to deliver Patient/Family place of Care

08.00-08.50Registration, NUI Galway 
Opportunity to Visit Exhibition Stands and View Posters.
08.50-09.00Welcome Address 
Prof.  Dympna Waldron, NUIGalway, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, GUH - RCH - RHCT.
Co-chairsProf. Martin O'Donnell, Consultant in Geriatric Medicine, GUH 
& Professor of Translational Medicine at NUI Galway & Associate 
Director of the HRB Clinical Research Facility Galway.   
Dr. Camilla Murtgagh Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Galway Hospice  
and Home Care Team (GHCT) Portiuncula. 
09.00-09.30End stage dementia and palliative care.  
Dr. Sharon Beatty, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, UHG & Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe. 
09.30-10.00Economics, resource allocation and ageing. 
Prof. Eamon O'Shea, Personal Professor,  Centre for Economic & Social Research on 
Dementia NUI Galway.  
10.00-10.15Supporting people with Dementia to die at home in Ireland
Ms. Marie Lynch, Head of Healthcare Programmes, Irish Hospice Foundation.
10.15-10.25Disturbing and distressing - the tasks and dilemmas associated with end-of-life care
Dr. Hannah Linane, SpR, Palliative Medicine Marymount Hospice Cork. 
10.25-10.45Capacity - the new legal approach in Ireland to be implemented   
Dr. Shaun O'Keeffe, Consultant in Geriatric Medicine Galway University  Hospitals (GUH) 
& Merlin Park Hospital (MPH) & Clinical Lecturer, NUI Galway. 
Opportunity to Visit Exhibition Stands and View Posters. 

Session 2: Let's Define Quality of Life First then lets critic the literature research results to date

Co-chairsMs. Patricia O'Brien, Oncology Support Nurse, Cancer Care West.  
Dr. David O'Gorman, Consultant Specialist in Pain, Galway University Hospital (GUH)  
11.00-11.40Medicinal cannabis use in Ireland - where are we going? 
Prof. Tony O'Brien,  Marymount University Hospital & Hospice, Cork University 
Hospital & College of Medicine & Health, University College Cork.    
11.40-11.50Quality of life measurement as a clinical tool 
Dr. Veronica McInerney, Early Phase & Cell Therapy Clinical Manager, Clinical Research 
Facility, NUI Galway.    
11.50-12.00Quality of life & symptoms in a cardiac rehabilitation population 
Ms. Emily Basquelle, Health Promotion Practitioner.
12.00-12.20Depression in palliative care patients - the use of judgement analysis to identify
those who need treatment as advanced malignancy would carry with it many 
symptoms associated normally with endogenous depression    
Dr. Anne Doherty, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, Galway University Hospital (GUH).  
12.20-12.40A continuum of care - ‘preparedness for death' and other opportunities   
for bereavement care   
Ms. Orla Keegan, Head of Education, Research & Bereavement Services, Irish Hospice 
Foundation, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
12.40-13.00Palliation presence in A/E; The Impact 
Dr. Eoin Tiernan, Consultant Physician in Palliative Medicine, St Vincent's Hospital Dublin. 
Panel Discussion: Debate to the floor on the late morning session 

Session 3: Let's Lead the way for New Research for GI Dysmotility

Co-chairs Dr Robert Rutherford, Consultant Respiratory Physician, GUH. 
Dr Dan Murphy, GP, Galway
14.30-15.00Opioid induced bowel function. Pathogenesis and treatment.
Prof. Asbjørn Mohr Drewes, Professor (Chair) and Chief Physician, Mech-Sense & Centre 
for Pancreatic Diseases, Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Aalborg University 
Hospital, Denmark.  
15.00-15.15A Patient's case where use of Somatostatin Analogues has empowered the patient to  
stay in the community for years without hospital admission for aspiration pneumonia 
Dr. Adrian Carney, General Practitioner, Galway City. 
15.15-15.35Extraordinary outcomes with Somatostatin Analogues in recurrent pneumonia: 
A Case Presentation  
Dr. Ruth Waldron Clinical Microbiology SpR, GUH. 
15.35-15.50Coffee Break

Session 4:

Co-ChairsMr. Myles Joyce, Colorectal Surgeon, UHG.
Mr. David Waldron, Consultant Surgeon, Limerick General Hospital.  
15.50-16.00Case series of patients with extrapyramidal side effects from antiemetics 
Dr. Hayatul Nawwar Miptah, Clinical Tutor in Medicine, GUH.
16.00-16.10Use of venting PEGS & Prolonging morbidity from 1 month to 3 months with  
combination use of Somatostatin Analogues  
Ms. Niamh Gantley CNS, GUH. 
ICU acute myopathy in the problems of aspiration pneumonia - complex case  
presentation on a patient who had two cardiac arrests from QT interval prolongation   
Dr. Bairbre McNicholas, Critical Care Fellow, UHG. 
16.25-16.45The problem of GI dysmotility & it's complications of aspiration pneumonia reflux  
pain, nausea &  vomiting - view on the investigations needed to diagnose  
Dr. Eoin Slattery, Consultant Gastroenterologist, UHG. 
16.45-17.10Game of life: nutrition strategies for extra time 
Ms. Ruth Kilcawley, Senior Nutrition Support Dietitian, specialising in Oncology & Haematology, UHG. 
Upper GI Dysmotility & its implications in clinical practise and surgery 
Mr. Chris Collins, Consultant General and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon, Portiuncula Hospital 
and Galway University Hospitals. 
17.40-18.00Debate; Study proposal from GUH