The 2nd International Cuisle Beatha 2009

We adhered to what we consider the seven main areas that require debate/discussion at our conference:

Learning from research - without research we cannot effect the optimal symptom control for our patients.

Learning from learning - we are all educators therefore can we learn from those who specialise in teaching?

Learning to cope - coping is integral to enhancing patient's quality of life.

Learning to change - with the evolution of palliative care change is inevitable.

Learning from others - with more patients referred early in the trajectory of cancer treatment and with non malignant conditions - we have a lot to learn from other specialities.

Learning to diagnose dying - in helping people to live well with advanced disease, are we diagnosing dying appropriately to enable patients also to die well?

Learning to care for the carer - the delivery of good palliative care is greatly enabled by an empathetic relationship with our patients; how can we maintain this empathy without adverse affects on our own wellbeing.

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