Friday November 10th - Cuisle Beatha 2017

Session  1: Revisiting Pain Pathways in Cancer Pain Versus
Chronic Pain: Apples Versus Oranges 

08.00-08.50Registration, NUI Galway
Opportunity to Visit Exhibition Stands and View Posters.  
08.50 -09.00Welcome Address 
Prof. Dympna Waldron, NUIGalway, Consultant in Palliative Medicine 
Galway University Hospitals (GUH) - Roscommon County Hospital & (RCH)  
Roscommon Home Care Team (RHCT).  
Co-chairsProf. Donal Reddan, Consultant Nephrologist & General Physician at GUH,
Group Clinical Director for medicine, SAOLTA (WNWHG) group. 
Ms. Ellen Patricia Wiseman, Assistant Director of Nursing, Cancer Services, GUH.      
09.00-09.40Is Tapentadol different from classic opioids?  A review of the evidence.   
Prof. Anthony Dickenson, Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, 
University College London.
09.40-09.50Case series of patients with use of Tapentadol; including a patient with Phantom  
Limb Pain  
Dr. Leona Reilly, Registrar in Palliative Medicine, GUH in collaboration with                                      Ms. Evelyn Newell and Ms. Mary Nolan, Physiotherapy, GUH. 
09.50-10.30Use of Cannabinoids in clinical practise - review of bench to bedside 
To explore scientific evidence & the possible clinical uses of Cannabinoids
Prof. David Finn, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, NUI Galway 
and the Co-Director of the Centre of Pain Research, NUI Galway.
10.30-10.45A case of paediatric status dystonicus: challenges & management options 
Dr. Laura Gaffney, Clinical Tutor, Medicine, Registrar in Palliative Medicine, Galway 
University Hospitals (GUH) in collaboration with  
Prof Nicholas M. Allen, Consultant General Paediatrician & Paediatric Neurologist, NUI Galway.
10.45-11.10Tea/Coffee - Opportunity to Visit Exhibition Stands and View Posters 


Session  2:

Co-chairs Prof. Timothy O Brien, Professor of Medicine, Dept of Medicine, NUIG.   
Dr. Noel Flynn, Consultant & Clinical Lecturer in Anaesthesia, Galway University Hospital  
(GUH) & NUI Galway.  
11.00-11.15Cancer Pain: From the real lived experience 
John Walsh OO7!! Author; Husband; Father. 
11.15 -11.55 From the editor of Bonica`s textbook on pain - Have we classified cancer pain in the 
wrong  trajectory within chronic pain  
Prof. John D. Loeser, Professor Emeritus, Neurological Surgery, Professor Emeritus, 
Anaesthesiology & Pain Medicine University of Washington, USA.
11.55-12.25Cancer pain is misplaced in chronic pain - a new definition for cancer pain as constant 
acute pain & clinical evidence to back this up  
Professor Dympna Waldron, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, NUIGalway, GUH - RCH - RHCT. 
12.25-12.35A picture paints a thousand words - The clinical importance of getting to the source of  
the pain  

Dr. Sobna Ravindrarasan, Registrar in Palliative Medicine, Galway University Hospitals (GUH). 
12.35-13.00Panel Discussion: Debate to the floor on the morning session 


Session  3:

Co-chairsDr. Eileen Mannion, Lead in Saolta Palliative Medicine. Consultant in Palliative     
Medicine GUH & Lecturer NUI Galway.  
14.00 -14.30 Imaging the neural correlates of chronic pain and relief: a translational neuroscience 
Dr. Andy Segerdahl, Senior Researcher, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences,
University of Oxford.  
14.30-15.10Case series of patients appropriate for Intra-techal Opioid Pumps and Spinal Cord  
Dr. Sarah Nestor, Registrar in Palliative Medicine, GUH.  
15.10-15.30An overview of opioid use in children with malignant & non-malignant conditions  
Dr. Mary Devins, Consultant Paediatrician with a special interest in Paediatric Palliative 
Medicine, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin (OLCHC) & The Coombe Women 
& Infants Maternity Hospital.  
Co- ChairsProf. Dominic O'Brannagain, Consultant Physician in Palliative Medicine, Honorary   
Associate, Clinical Professor RCSI.  
Dr. Cathryn Bogan, Consultant Physician in Palliative Medicine, North West Hospice/Sligo University Hospital.  
16.00-16.10A Case of all PAIN PATHWAYS explored over 17 years. A Patient with Idiopathic 
Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis 
Prof. Dympna Waldron, NUIGalway, Consultant in Palliative Medicine  
Galway University Hospitals (GUH) - Roscommon County Hospital & (RCH)   
Roscommon Home Care Team (RHCT).  
16.10-16.30Outcome Measures in Pain Control - to date there is no ideal measure to use   
Prof. Laserina O'Connor, Professor of Clinical Nursing, University College Dublin(UCD).  
16.30-17.00Delirium and Opioids: exploring the controversy and the evidence 
Prof. Peter G. Lawlor; Associate Professor, Division of Palliative Care, 
Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Canada.
17.00-17.30Panel Discussion: Debate to the floor on the afternoon session